At the beginning of the millennium, the idea of putting our grain of sand in the history of gastronomy in the city of Cusco, became a reality. Our first restaurant would bear fruit through the delivery of all our effort with one single purpose, to dump all our experience and countless inputs to our dishes to awaken pleasure in the palates of our visitors.

The energy of the Sacred Valley whispered our ears, enveloped us, we fell in love and managed to capture us. Nine months later, an old colonial house would open its doors to our second restaurant, making it clear that our work had its reward.

We are convinced that day to day, allows us to learn. That each step we take gives us a new experience and above all the opportunity to transmit everything that our beloved land has given us, to the next generations and to every person who comes to our restaurants.

Since we started this adventure we have only one thing clear, we will give every effort to fulfill your expectations and involve you in our magic.

This adventure is just beginning, and today we continue to travel as the first day, with breaks, with mistakes but with a lot of love and passion in what we do.

Thank you very much to all for allowing us to be as we are.
This is Tunupa, come enjoy.